R&D Physics,Maths, Biology

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Job Description

The R&D functions as the organizational representative for his/her knowledge area and applies his/her expertise to support the strategic direction of the organization.

  • He/she should be capable and willing to work on subjects.
  • Extensive work on computer system since the job requires online answering through Microsoft Office such as Excel, Word and other applications.
  • Core Job activities:
  • Authoring Solutions for advanced questions from textbooks
  • Online answering of questions posted by students abroad
  • Quality review of solutions given by external answerers
  • Content feedback and online tutoring
  • Video Content Reviews
  • Regards,

    Shyamkumar Gunji || HR 

    Ph.no: 8179880133

    Email : hrshyamkumar@narayanagroup.com

What we Offer:

  • On Par Market Salary
  • Great Career Path
  • Intellectual Growth
  • Personality Development
  • Leadership Opportunities

What you can bring in:

  • Aspires to make a career in teaching
  • command over subject matter
  • good command on spoken English
  • Winning attitude and appetite to learn, ready to take challenges
  • Has sincerity in actions and commitment to work
  • Honest, transparent and supportive work culture to promote talent

Employee Progression:

  • We constantly review and promote staff to grow faster
  • Many of our employees been around 20 to 30 years in organization
  • They have been given opportunities to perform at different capacities and grow

How to apply:

Forward your resume through email to careers@narayanagroup.com